Leaders in Training

Leaders in Training (LIT), a summer camp for teens 13-15.
What is an LIT?

The LIT Camp is now closed to new enrollments.

LIT Camp is a unique Summer Camp for teenagers age 13-15 to discover more about who they are while training to be staff at Camp Anothen. We expect a lot from our LITs and give them roles and responsibilities at camp like setting up activities, shadowing our counselors, and grounds maintenance. Most importantly, LITs spend a great deal of their day engaging each-other and our younger campers. This is a challenging program that places the LIT at the heart of our camper interactions and activities.

2017 LITs at work.

We view our LIT program as a way for us to develop our future staff and we train them accordingly. Ultimately, we are looking to mold folks into someone we trust enough to run the camp and watch over own children.

How much does it cost?
Each camp seat costs $75.00 for the summer.

What are you hours?
LITs must be at the camp by 0800. Camp ends at 4pm.

Who can be an LIT?
Anyone can send their 13-15 year old to be an LIT at Camp. We spend a great deal of time disciplining our LITs. We lead them and show them how to minister and how to be a mentor for the campers. Note that LITs are required to follow the same rules, guidelines and standards that our counseling staff and campers follow. As such, they are subject to the same disciplines and reprimands.

How do I apply?
Working at camp and being an LIT is a challenging job that promises to stretch and grow your teen. It is not for everyone which is why we hope you start by sending your teen to attend our volunteer work days. These start in September and are held on the third Saturday of every month. Follow us on social media or contact us for more information.

Parents, follow the link for more information and enroll your teen today!